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Hemlock Valley is a modern fantasy RP forum set in the USA with no word count. We have supernatural elements, scientific discoveries, action scenes and everyday stories of heroes.

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Member groups

[Offense] Red
Every hero or villain wants to be powerful. Weapons, projectiles, explosions and heavy forces are your arsenal for damage. Other alternatives include slow poison, painful curses, mental torture or eventual disintegration. You take initiative with your actions and straightfoward approach, because afterall, everyone needs Offense.

[Defense] Navy
Destruction is not the only thing necessary in a battlefield. A body is only as strong as the amount of life that supports it. Healing, curing, protections and shields are one of many ways of extending your excellence because when you live more, you do more. If helping friends is what you do best, then you are part of Defense.

[Utility] Darkgreen
You are not entirely offense nor defense, yet you offer a more overlooked role. It's all about controlling your foes and breaking their spirit to further advance your goals. Disruption, control, subterfuge, misdirection are parts of your identity. Carrying a variety of tools with more than one obvious functionality, you brought Utility.

[Tactics] Black
Sometimes, it's not about what happens in a fight. You believe that victory is obtained outside the battlefield before the fight even begins. Obtaining information, hastening movement, conjuring portals, delivering cargo or depleting resources are all valid strategies. Your presence is merely a shadow of an everlasting amount of Tactics.

* You choose your own membergroup for your character. If you did not specify any, the mods will choose 1 for you after your application is accepted.

* If your character is a non-powered character, you will still be sorted, though you should incidate it somewhere in your member setting.

27 Feb 2017, 02:07 PM
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