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Hemlock Valley is a modern fantasy RP forum set in the USA with no word count. We have supernatural elements, scientific discoveries, action scenes and everyday stories of heroes.

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 Plot and setting


Hemlock Valley is a typical American sub-urban small town. It is believed that Hemlock Valley is situated somewhere near the Dakota states. Within a short drive, others accessible places include shopping malls, university campuses, lakes, national parks and big cities. There are 4 seasons, but players are not required to date their threads.

Everyone has superpowers! Everything you read in mythology is true! Your neighbour could be an undercover agent or a comic book superhero! Though, not everyone believes it, and not everyone uses their powers. For any person, seeing a vampire walking down the street, is just a fairly normal sight in Hemlock Valley. Depending on who you ask, they would say it's a nightly creature who feeds on blood, though some others would say it's just a school kid dressed for theatrical performance.

There are those who are completely unaware and oblivious to the supernatural world that exists alongside daily life. There are some who have encountered such things but merely dismiss them as fairytale or newsreport, such as your typical parents. Then, we have those who use their powers to aid in their life like it's the internet, mostly millenials, though they keep it as a separate discussion from those who refuse to believe. Yet more dangerous still, are those who desire to turn Earth into a prized territory for their own agenda, whether through magic or technology.

The Hemlock Logbook is a book which records most information about supernatural creatures and powered individuals, though most adults treat it as fiction obviously. It is seemingly a magical book that updates itself and adds new pages of profiles whenever a new character enters the timeline. There are a few known bound copies in the town library, while the nearby university and skeptic fanclubs also stock a few copies of it. Limited editions of this logbook also exist within family generations as they are inherited.

27 Feb 2017, 05:54 AM


What is Hemlock Valley RP?

Hemlock Valley RP is a no-frills collaboration RP game, mixed social hub. The board aims to move away from certain aspects offered by other RP forums such as stringent RP requirements, non-inclusivity from staff and lack of creativity. We believe that there is something more to offer to players who are still searching for these features on other forums. Our motto here is: Stay as long as you want, leave whenever you must, come back whenever you can.

Though our genre is modern fantasy, we actually fuse multiple concepts into this board. We have supernatural elements for those who prefer to play non-human species in a small town setting, like characters from Vampire Diaries and Charmed. Our stories can also be more procedural with a series-like feel, such as Criminal Minds or NCIS. We also have action-thriller feels with the rule of cool just like your favourite moments in Disney movies or DC/Marvel comics.

Our forum also has other features in comparison to other forums. Read more here.

27 Feb 2017, 06:28 AM


QUOTE (diary)
Everyone has superpowers. They are not just limited to heroes or villains. Anyone can use powers, skills, abilities or magic. Your parents, friends, teachers, neighbours and even your grandmother at home have powers. There are no heroes or villains, only real people living their lives. After all, there is a great variety of superpowers, just like how there is a diverse group of people from different walks of life. People like to have choices. You can be whoever you want to be.

Magic has been known since the earliest civilisations, but magic and other superpowers were widely used during medieval times. Through globalisation, superpowers spread across the globe and are now part of everyone's lives. However, it was not until sometime in the 1960s after the 2 world wars that the world started to equilibrate once more. Ie, this RPG world is mostly indistinguishable from the real world.

How is this possible? Here is an analogy: If everyone has powers, everyone would be able to hurt anyone nearby. But wait! In the real world, anyone can also hurt someone else easily: knife stabbing, gunshot bullet, car crash, and poisoned drinks. However, everyone still lives peacefully despite these dangers. This is the idea of this RPG: Even as everyone has powers, nobody will destroy things without reason. In general, the world would eventually be similar to ours, eventhough their actual actions seem drastically different.

Life at school and work remains as busy as ever. Although there are still bullies with superstrength and gangsters throwing toxic bombs, your best friend might just shoot laser beams or be a master of telekinesis. People use powers for their jobs: Doctors have healing powers, farmers have plant magic, swimmers have water abilities, and even the shopkeeper will have a simple superpower for basic protection. In a sense, while you work with your abilities in the real world; here you are enhanced with your chosen powers.

Some people are born with superpowers but most people learn or get their powers from other sources. A person usually confirms their powers around the age of 20+ and sticks with it. The actual capabilities of a person's power can vary. Someone who does not care much about superpowers are slightly weaker, just like some people in the real world who neglect their exercise or study. Of course, your character is up-to-date with his own abilities.

The one big difference is that there are certain time anomalies, realistic inconsistencies, historical discontinuities or anachronisms in the world. In this RPG, these concepts usually manifest as mystical artifacts or space-time rifts that appear randomly in the world. Although these timeslips are known to the public, some of their information is kept as a secret. Additionally, there are several social clubs in this world for enthusiasts to discuss these events. A recent invention teleports users to a chosen social club, and then back again to their home: A great upgrade to an online chatroom.

Ultimately, this RPG aims to ask you this simple question: In an ideal fantasy RPG, what powers would you choose? Who do you want to be? You should have a character that you want to play, is capable of handling in-game challenges, is someone that represents you, and is one that you feel comfortable against everyone else with their own abilities in this world.

Dear Diary,

So the teacher asked us to write an essay about games for English class today. How exciting! I easily finished it in less than an hour because the words came naturally, like I feel it's an ideal lifestyle. Sigh, mom and dad would never believe me though, but I know it's real!

I've seen fairies in the garden, runes glowing in the library, my bff conjuring flames, and sshhh, don't tell anyone, but I have actually used my telekinetic powers to secretly impress boys. Time to work on my SAT scores next. Maybe I will meet more fun people when I finally get to college.

27 Feb 2017, 06:32 AM
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