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Hemlock Valley is a modern fantasy RP forum set in the USA with no word count. We have supernatural elements, scientific discoveries, action scenes and everyday stories of heroes.

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1. There is no word count.

2. There are no activity checks that require members to link to threads.

3. Face claims are not mandatory, though a real-life person is recommended.

4. Signatures are enabled.

5. Respect the community.

The rules are explained in more detail below.

27 Feb 2017, 05:19 AM


There are some differences in the features between our forum with other typical RP forums out there.

* No activity checks.
We only tag inactive members for the convenience of other players.

* No face claim rules.
There is no need to declare a play-by in a thread.

* No separate character tracker.
After character acceptance, you will post your character profile exactly into the membergroup subforum. Any tracking or plotting is done in that same thread, and you can also discuss anything RP-related in the lounge.

* No upgrades nor progression.
Everything you need to play with your character is available at the beginning of the game. There shall be no upgrades that are unlocked with increasing post count or restricted leadership positions. Everyone starts out as powerful and complete as they plan it to be, the only thing remaining is to play out your story.

* Convenient chat
All OOC chat goes into the Conversation thread, without a need for external sources such as the Cbox or Discord.

27 Feb 2017, 05:24 AM
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