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 Reyzadren, Source corruption

Source Corruption

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Name: Reyzadren

Appearance: Reyzadren has black hair that is combed to the side, black eyes, a goatee accompanied with some facial hair and a scruffy look. Although he has fair skin, it is slightly darker in tone. Slightly shorter than most men, he is around 1.84m and 71kg, so his body size is just below average. He wears a grey hoodie, red trousers and black shoes on a typical day. As a xydersen (custom user-made species), he has asymmetrical humanoid features, with green and purple leaves naturally entwined on his left hand, while having a blade joint on his right. Xydersen forms are only revealed at certain sites or times, so there is no reason to suspect otherwise.

Personality: Laid-back and hardy are the 2 words to describe Reyzadren. He is usually quiet but he talks loudly, especially when he gets excited. Though he is quite stubborn and individualistic, he can be easily influenced by friends. With his straightforward and direct "Let's get it done" attitude, others think of him as rude. While seemingly careless and lacking attention to details, he is definitely a decisive person who has clear preferences.


Back in the late 19th century, a xydersen was raised somewhere in the British Isles. Though the exact dates and locations were imprecise, it was an era of the Industrial Revolution for the sciences, and the Romantic period for the creative arts. Throughout the 20th century, Reyzadren wandered across Europe as the wars happened, stumbling upon a secret community known as the Aerhyos group. Though their motives are unknown, the Aerhyos group are aware of certain locations and properties of mystic artifacts and forbidden relics.

Recently, he moved to America several years ago after accepting a job offer from Aerhyos Industries, as they call themselves in the 21st century. He works in a mine that was once abandoned, but is now revitalised along with the manufacturing industry. Knowledge from education experience and hobbies with his inactive band give him the social drive alongside humans, an advantage that he will take anytime. In Hemlock Valley, he wonders what those strange symbolic tiles on the overgrown fields ever signify.

Power: Source Corruption (Utility)

Reyzadren's powers involve disruption which allows him to snatch objects and corrupt them. With some preparation, his ability also includes corrosion that weakens various aspects of an entity. He can cause doors to rust and blades to be dull. Plants wilt and the soils become barren whenever he is unaware but they regain their vigour again after a while. However, the most dangerous characteristic of his power is that he can taint his intercepted catch or source: they tarnish, backfire and behave wildly as if they are cursed.

QUOTE ("Hemlock Logbook Excerpts")
"...This creature does not like high-pitched sounds and he does not seem to traverse natural areas where there are insects. If the reader wishes to debilitate him, gather the essence below and read the semi-vanquishing spell as follows: (faded words)"

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3 Mar 2017, 05:39 AM
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