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Hemlock Valley is a modern fantasy RP forum set in the USA with no word count. We have supernatural elements, scientific discoveries, action scenes and everyday stories of heroes.

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 Questions & Answers


Note: You don't need to read this section before playing. Get started here.
You should only refer to this guide if you have any further questions.


Who are the official staff members?
Hemlock_admin is the admin of Hemlock Valley RP forums. Hemlock_Moderator is the moderator.

Who owns the admin or moderator account?
A player or multiplayer may own the admin or moderator accounts. Hence, all players will have their own player account.

What should my username be?
Your username can be anything. It doesn't have to match your character name, although that is recommended.

What should my main account username be?
You can use your character's name or your OOC name for your main account.

Single account or multiple accounts for each character?
We operate on a single account per player basis, ie, the main account. However, you can use the multiple account system if you prefer, with nominating one main account (behaving as if it's an OOC account or your main character's account).

Do I need to register with first name and last name for characters?
We do not emphasise a first/last name system here, so you can register your character with multiple name parts or none.

This freedom to choose a single-account or multiple-account system is confusing to me. How will I know how many players are actually on this forum?
The Who's Who thread should clear it up.

Should I go for single-account or multiple-account?
Usually, players on other RP forums use the multiple-account system and they continue to use it here. If you are someone who only mainly plays 1 character with supporting characters that are not often used, then the single-account system is advantageous here.

Avatar restrictions for single accounts or OOC accounts for multi-accounts?
Any image is allowed, even drawings and anime.

Membergroup for the main account?
For players who prefer to use the single account system, then the membergroup only refers to the character on the main account. If you would like to invididually sort your characters according to membergroup, then you should utilise the multiple account system.

Do you allow double-posts, or multiple-posts?
It is allowed, but obviously not for spam purposes. If you want to bump a thread, it is recommended that you wait around 1 to 2 days.

Do you allow advertisements or discussions of other sites?
Talking about other webpages are allowed. Most of us are on multiple sites anyway. Blatant advertisements and spam are obviously not allowed.

Who would join this forum?
This forum is targetted at players who have busy lives and would want to have a stress-free RP. These are players who stick around in forums for an extensive amount of time, years even, but don't want the pressure of regularly posting.


Where do I submit my character application?
Post it in the character application thread. We do not have a WIP system, so please only submit completed applications. After your character is approved, copy your application and post it as a topic in the correct membergroup forum.

Where are the tracker, plotter or shipper?
Your character profile in the membergroup forum will be your tracker, plotter and shipper all in 1 thread, and you can organise it however you like.

Where is the communication (phone, mail and blog) subforum?
We don't use that system here, but there are ways to get around this. If your character is posting via a laptop from home, for example, then start a topic in the Residence subforum.

Where are the face-claims?
We don't use the typical face-claim system here.

I don't want to use a real-life person as my avatar or profile picture.
Semi-realistic paintings, photographs or sketches might be acceptable.

I can't find a suitable real-life person to represent my character.
Text descriptions of your character's appearance always take precedence, in the case of a non-similar picture. Alternatively, no images at all are also acceptable. Additionally, if you have even 1 image, at least one image must be a real-life person, either in the character profile or your avatar.

I don't like this forum because there are too many features missing that I love from other RP forums and the system is quite different here.
That is exactly the point of this forum. There are already many RP forums out there with those features for other RP players. But your intuition tells you that you don't belong there, right?

Character creation

What is the allowed age for any character?
You are allowed to state an actual and apparent age for certain supernatural species.

What is the time period?
We run on fluid time. Generally, the time period for the world setting is between 2010 and 2020. There is no need to specify the year or to assume that the threads run in real time.

Are custom supernatural species allowed?
Yes, but you should describe them or provide an explanation link in the character application, otherwise we won't know anything about it.

Why are there so little details about Hemlock Valley? I want to know more about the setting and plot.
We want YOU, the player and characters, to shape Hemlock Valley and its surroundings. We don't want to force you into playing a role that we decided for you beforehand. We want you to play as an extension of yourself, as you newly arrive to the valley, providing fresh storylines for everyone else.

Is it compulsory to participate in site-wide events?
Site-wide events are optional, though that should be one of the main reasons why you would want to join our forum. It is totally possible for a character to only post in regular threads without ever being involved in these events.

How many characters can I have?
As many as you can keep up with their activities. If you have too many ideas for characters but only wishing for them to be used once or rarely, leave them as an NPC instead.

What could I possibly play as?
Most things that you wouldn't imagine sharing the same setting. A school student achieving high SAT scores for Hemlock U with the aid of fairies, a double-agent working for a genetics laboratory, a witch trying to resurrect an old demon or even just an accountant whose biggest concern is what to watch on Netflix next with his children.


Are there any banned/limited/restricted power or species?

I can get creative with any power for my character?
What counts as an overpowered ability on other forums might not be considered as one here. So yes, you can have any power, and I trust you know how to add a weakness balance (even if it's not stated in the app), but becareful to not accidently stray into godmodding territory.

Can I change my character's power?
Yes, but you will need to re-submit your revised character application and post in the Power listing again.

I think someone else is godmodding. Can a mod check?
PM a mod, then the suspected post will be reffed accordingly.

Where do the powers come from?
The origin of your character's power is up to you to decide, including just having it since birth. However, if you are referring to Hemlock Valley and the greater world, nobody knows, and that's where you get the creative license to tweak the details of background a little bit, though history remains largely unchanged.

Is Hemlock Valley the only place with powered individuals or supernatural creatures?
No. Anyone in the world has powers, but the RP setting mainly focuses on this small town.

Can I be a supernatural species and have a power too?
Yes. In some cases, being a supernatural species is your power. In other cases, being a supernatural species just means that you have some sort of passive ability (and weakness) that will be stated in your character profile, in addition to your active power.

Will glamours be in-play for supernatural characters?
Yes, glamours are enabled by default so that oblivious humans won't recognise you, unless you state otherwise. For example, you can expand upon what your human and/or species form look like, and how the transformation/glamour mechanism works.

What is the downvote system?
The downvote system reduces a character to non-canon based on member feedback to discourage god-modding or weak writing. Currently, all posts are canon unless reffed otherwise by a mod.

Playing the game

Do I need to add trigger warnings?
Trigger warnings will not be enforced here. However, if you would like to provide trigger warnings for others, you are allowed to do so. This board has a rough rating of 2-2-2 anyway, so there really isn't any need for trigger warnings in the first place.

What content are allowed under the 2-2-2 rating?
If you can have that discussion with your parents, teachers, children and random strangers in the supermarket, you can include such topics here.

Is the board death-enabled?
No, unless you write so, your character will just "faint" whenever defeated.

Are templates allowed for IC posts?
Yes, templates are allowed. They must not stretch the board and they must not break the codes.

What if I need to update my character?
Just update your character profile whenever you want.

Which member services are required?
Who's who and power list are required. Font claims and template claims are optional.

Do you delete characters?
We never delete characters unless we need extra storage space or when there is a security issue.

What is an inactive character?
Characters that were not declared in the activity check will simply be marked as inactive as a convenience to other players. There is no other mechanical difference. Inactive characters can still post and even request to be moved back to active status.

Can I recommend another RP site for the affiliate list?
If you are a recognised member and you think there is a great RP site we should have on our affiliate list, PM the admin. However, we will not accept every site and acceptance is greatly based on staff preference.


Where can I find a list of superpowers? I'm too lazy to think of one.
Here. Remember, we accept any power, including those that is not on that website, and even powers that you made by yourself.

What else can I write about personality? I am running out of ideas.
Try the MBTI personality test.

Where can I find more RP forums?
Look at the affiliate box on the main page.

Any other tips for beginners?
Back up all your stuff regularly to your computer. RP forums can disappear anytime due to a variety of reasons, so at least you can keep some of your writings as memoirs.

Have any more questions? Ask them in this thread.

28 Feb 2017, 03:34 PM
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