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Posted by: Hemlock_admin 7 Mar 2017, 01:56 PM
If you are a guest, you shall post your advertisement to your RP forum in this thread. Unlike other forums, ads here will not each have their own thread.

Note: If you represent a resource site (Candyland Couture etc) or an affiliate, you will have your own thread.

* We do not accept ads to Mature (by Jcink standards) or 18+ RP forums.
* Do not stretch the board.

Posted by: Tia 10 Mar 2017, 03:51 PM
user posted image
user posted image

Posted by: Rachel * 13 Mar 2017, 05:59 PM

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Pokemon was real? What it would be like to live in a place, a whole world, where mystical, fascinating creatures are pets, friends, allies? Where no one stares at you awkwardly if you yell, "Pokeball, go!"?

Forget the numbers, the stats, the multiplication, addition, dividing by the square root of 27 to figure out your experience points, and come discover the beautiful world of Pokemon as it was meant to be!
  • All kinds of characters accepted - anything, human or Pokemon, is welcome here!
  • Canon characters welcome!
  • No word count!
  • Staff and member moderator accounts streamline the modding process!
  • Canon newbies welcome!
  • Non-linear travel - all canon regions playable, and you can go whenever you like!
  • Friendly and welcoming community!
  • 5 years old this year! We've got the consistency! } } } } } }

Posted by: CoiledDragon 30 Apr 2017, 09:22 PM

The end of a long and terrible war ushered in a decade of relative peace for Sekkai. The land returned to it’s prosperous and joyful prime as construction made headway, overflowing with a bounty of food and people. Dragons, the winged protectors of Sekkai, grew abundant and powerful. Elements of every sort darted across the skies and plains with their riders, snuffing out the lingering remains of their corrupted enemies. Their mammalian cousins, the Draux, swiftly patrolled the borders and city streets. Massive Dire wolves raced between the varying climates, destroying the smallest, darkest of intents.

A truce was struck with their fallen enemies to the west. The Tainted, a nation of once-corrupted Sekkians, simmered, biding their time. Blind malice did not guide the Toxic Queens. They were smart, cunning, and knew that the key to overcoming a much larger opponent and reclaiming their land was not a full-fronted assault.

The Influenza, Mycotic, and Rosemary dragons beneath Augari’s caustic wings worked their magic at her behest. At the end of their long and tedious experiments, a new pathogen was created and set loose upon the mainland. Returned captives flocked to their homes, unaware of the true danger they carried. The disease finally exploded two weeks after Sekkai's annual autumn festivals. Livestock, not dragons, swiftly and brutally perished. The pandemic immediately wounded Sekkai, for what was a proud, strong military without a source of food?

The Toxic Queens watched as Nyushi’s golden Empress struggled to maintain hold over her people. Riots ripped apart Sekkai with escalating violence. A military police was formed, but would it help? The Queens had their rightful throne. They had a fortress. They had an indomitable army. Their foes were bent to their knees. And now, with the puppeteered return of the Nightmare Nidhogg, they had the control they needed to bring their legion back from the muck the Sekkians had quashed them in.

But there was something to the simple equation of power that the Tainted weren’t quite expecting. Although it had long laid dormant, it began to move in the aftermath of their terrible plague. It grew, biding it’s time. The quiet, unseen resilience watched. It waited. It planned.

And what will you do? Will you help Sekkai recover from it’s wounds and uphold the law of the land? Will you rip the whole of the continent from end to end in order to glean a name for yourself in history? Or will you scheme, quietly, and work tediously to overthrow your oppressors when they least expect it?

Things aren’t always so black and white.

Welcome, then, to Sekkai Fractures. :: :: ::

Sekkai is moderate to advanced original fantasy roleplay set in a world where humans can bond to dragons with the use of magical crystals. Our world is ten years old now, but whether you’re a returning member or a brand new one, we’ve got opportunities for everyone. ❤ We are now located on Zetaboards!

+ Dragons, dire wolves, and a unique bondable species, Draux
+ Streamlined player’s guide to sort out our expansive lore
+ A friendly and encouraging art community
+ No sexuality or gender-based impressions
+ Two hatchings a year
+ Unique pet species
+ Discord chat

Posted by: Nomi! 17 May 2017, 02:08 AM • • • •

Someone holds me safe and warm, horses prance through a silver storm

Although it seems normal, living a regular life in the busy city of Manchester, England in the year 2017, there's more to the simple life than meets the eye. People go about their business from day to day, time passing by as it would in any city anywhere in the world. However, thousands of these citizens come with an entirely new kind of history in their heads, one they fail to remember. Gods walk as ordinary folk, born again without memories and without powers. Men and women with years of fairytales and folklore trapped in their minds without even realizing who they are. Slowly, one by one, they each begin to recollect some things from their previous lives, develop skills, even powers, they didn't have before. But with a cost...

A Silver Storm is a personification roleplay set in present day Manchester, England, following the lives of reincarnated characters from animated films, fairytales, mythology and other literature. However, their new lives are threatened when Cronus crypt is uncovered in an archaeological dig and decides to reclaim his throne by cutting time with his scythe causing the threads of history to re-stitch themselves, altering the past lives and happily ever afters of characters we all know…

Posted by: The Bard 25 May 2017, 12:12 AM | | | | |

Posted by: omicron. 17 Jun 2017, 03:48 AM

Human cloning and genetic engineering has always been considered to be
the next step in scientific advancement or dismissed as just science fiction.
But in truth, it is a very real cold reality. Seeded among the population of Greater
Melbourne Australia are clones from different experiments, living life
completely ignorant of just what they are. However there is a group out there
that is not so ignorant and has plans to use the clones for their own rather
nefarious purposes. Of course such major secrets cannot be kept in the dark
for long, not from the public or from the clones themselves. Daily life and
simple routines are about to come crumbling down and will change the fate of
the clones forever. But will it be to a future of freedom to be their own person or
will it be a future as someone else's scientific property? Will your nice, little normal
life be torn apart because of someone's . . . .

Posted by: CRStaff 25 Jun 2017, 11:08 PM

Posted by: TBB Admin 30 Jun 2017, 01:21 AM | | | | | |


That's the first sensation you feel as you stand on the ground that has been declared sacred. Your senses are overwhelmed, your body unnaturally warm, and an almost restless energy churning below your skin. You wince as the pain becomes nearly blinding, as it drives you to your knees, and you wish for it to end except you fight the coming darkness. Something else is there. Something different, strange, inhuman. You black out.

Will you be obedient as a wolf? Brave like a bear? Confident as a lion? Sly like a coyote? Deceptive as a snake? Resilient as a rat?

Or will you be one of those just outside the spirits' grasp?

Currently, we are seeking both canon and original character who are long-term residents and part of our clans.

Posted by: EliteKilljoy 6 Aug 2017, 04:52 PM | | |

Posted by: LG Team 24 Aug 2017, 03:06 AM | |

We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

Posted by: Twig 8 Oct 2017, 06:23 PM | | |

Welcome to X-Men: Divided We Fall, an alternate-universe X-Men RPG; because we follow neither movies nor comics, but take inspiration from both

Join in, and you will find:
  • Mutants are known, feared, hated. Sometimes threatened. Sometimes worse.
  • Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters offers safety and teaches peace and compassion.
  • The Brotherhood of Mutants awaits the return of leader Magneto, to protect mutantkind at any cost.
  • Canons and OCs welcome
  • Character-driven with board-wide plots. We lay the groundwork; you tell the story.

Choose a side. Join the fight.

Posted by: Novae 1 Dec 2017, 11:31 PM

PLEDGE is a laid-back Pokémon trainer roleplay forum set in the Ho'ohiki Region: Where the environment is as extreme and diverse as its people. Running for over a year strong, our community is dependable and sure to keep you coming back!

Including mechanics like the Link system from Pokémon Conquest and Delta Pokémon from the TCG, we offer a variety of experiences with character driven plotlines, world-changing events, and more!

Our rating is and we provide a safe environment for all genders, sexualities, and disabilities. Anything over a 2-1-2 rating is marked by a content warning, and all members are encouraged to let us know their boundaries! Come check us out today! | |

Posted by: The Bard 25 Feb 2018, 02:50 AM | | | | |

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